At Rydale, we strive to build a positive relationship with all our parents/carers and aim to communicate effectively to support your child whilst they are in our care. 

With this in mind, we have a variety of ways to communicate to parents to ensure that information is shared from nursery to home and vice versa, such as:

  • Daily communication books for 0-2-year-olds.
  • Verbal feedback to parents at the end of each day for all children.
  • Newsletter giving information and updates.
  • Parent consultation sessions twice yearly.
  • Learning journeys for each child.


In addition to this, as a parent/carer of a child at the nursery, we ask that you inform us of anything that you feel will affect your child whilst they are at nursery. Some examples include:

  • Your child’s absence
  • Any changes in circumstances or contact details
  • Any significant happenings that could affect your child’s behaviour or require staff to be extra vigilant to their needs and/or provide additional support.


We like to work together with all our parents, and this includes liaising closely regarding your child’s behaviour.  We have a clear behaviour policy and procedure in place when dealing with children who develop challenging behaviour.  All children need to learn what behaviour is acceptable and what behaviour is unacceptable and by working together, we can provide your child with the knowledge and learning experiences they need to help them achieve these important social skills.

Rydale Children's Nursery outside play area