At Rydale we are guided by you and your child until such time that you and they are happy and confident to be left in our care.

We recognise that children are individuals and as such may need different settling in periods and therefore we remain completely flexible to yours and their needs.

We would initially advise that parent/career and child attend together for a short period of time and we would then encourage your child to form a close attachment with a key person to ease the transition into Nursery .During this initial stage we would help your child to become familiar with Nursery routines i.e. snack times, quiet play, outdoor play, etc. If your child is a little older we would show them where the toilets are, where they can get a drink if they are thirsty and where they can find different activities.

Because each child is unique, some children settle very quickly into nursery whilst others may take a little longer. Please try not to worry if your child takes a while to settle in, as our staff are used to this and will patiently help you and your child. It is better to tell your child that you are leaving them and that you will be back soon after they have had a play. (Never sneak away as this will encourage your child to cling to you when you leave them). Gradually build up the time you leave them and give your child lots of praise when you return.

Dropping Off and Collecting Children

Children are signed in and out of the Nursery by staff members to ensure their safety and welfare is paramount at all times.

If anyone other than the designated person known to the Nursery is to collect your child please inform the manager.  Proof of identity and a password known to Rydale and the designated career will be required on arrival.

Rydale Children's Nursery outside play area