What You Need to Provide

For younger children, you will need to provide nappies, wipes/cotton wool and creams

All children will need a change of clothes. In summer you will need to provide a sun hat and sun cream.

Please mark all items clearly with your child’s name.


Breakfast can be provided for nursery children if they arrive before 8.00am. Healthy mid-morning and afternoon snacks and drinks are provided, and for children attending a full day or morning session, a hot lunch is provided. We have a healthy and varied menu which can be seen on our website and is displayed in the nursery entrance.

Please discuss with the nursery manager any individual dietary needs that your child may have, including allergies or intolerances. If you have any ideas or suggestions for additions to our menu then please do not hesitate to put these forward to a member of staff.


At Rydale children’s Nursery, we aim to provide a clean, healthy environment for your child to learn and play, therefore it is of utmost importance that you do not bring your child to the nursery if they are unwell or have a contagious illness or disease.  Not only does this protect other children and families in the nursery, but it also protects staff that provides care to each child.  By keeping cross contamination to a minimum we can meet our aims and objectives and have a safe, clean nursery for every child. 

Some common contagious childhood diseases/illnesses include – Mumps; Chicken Pox; Scarlet Fever; Impetigo; Scabies; Hand foot and mouth virus; German measles; Glandular fever; whooping cough; Conjunctivitis; Diarrhea and/or Vomiting; Meningitis.

Parents Involvement

As a parent/career of Rydale Children’s Nursery, we value parent input when running our nursery.  You know and understand your child better than anyone else and with your input, we can provide every child with the best care possible. 

As a setting and as individuals we value the diverse community we all live in. That is why we ask that you share your ideas, skills, religious and cultural beliefs or practices with us so that the children and adults can learn from others and embrace the rich diversity our community provides.

Parents consultation sessions are held twice yearly for parents/careers to come to the nursery to discuss with their child’s key person development milestones and progress. You will be able to see the records and displays for your child and get more of a ‘feel’ for what your child does whilst at the nursery.

Rydale Children's Nursery outside play area